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By filing for bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor frees himself from insurmountable debt.


There are two types 

of consumer bankruptcies. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are available for those who have limited assets and income. Chapter 13, is for those whose earnings exceed the “median” income. Individuals who file Chapter 7 can still keep their real home or other real estate under some circumstances and if their payments are current.


Chapter 13 cases involve the filing of a budget and a plan for payment of the arrears in their consumer debt.   

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (re-organization)  is available for businesses and corporate debtors.


Julio Sanchez has represented hundreds of Bankruptcy petitioners in Federal Court throughout his many years of practice.


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Unlike other courts, Immigration Courts are courts of very limited authority. There are only a few instances where Immigration judges can exercise discretion. Immigration courts are administrative in nature. Most of the immigration cases involve technical knowledge of the law. Julio Sanchez appears before the Immigration court frequently with petitions for Political Asylum, Cancellation of Removal and Bail Motions, among others.


As to the filing of forms, such as adjustment applications in family cases, it is always advisable to have an attorney complete those forms. Many Immigrations clients consult with anattorney after their forms have already been filed with USCIS by themselves or with a Notary Public. It is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional in the legal field before any forms are filed.  “Notarios” are not lawyers.  Knowledge of the Immigration statutes, regulations and practices guiding the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is essential.





The general legal rule involving accidents is the following: if a person or entity causes an injury to another as a result of an act of carelessness or negligence, that person or entity ( referred to in law as the tortfeasor) must pay the victim of the accident for the damages caused. The victim who initiates a court proceeding to request indemnification for the damages suffered is the Plaintiff. The party against whom damages are sought from is the defendant. The Plaintiff (victim of the accident) must bear the responsibility of proving the case. Those cases are ordinarily filed with the Superior Court. Routine cases where the Plaintiff seeks compensation in the Superior Court are traffic accidents, falldowns and dog bite cases.


In matters that involve an  injury “arising from work”, claims are filed in the New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Court. In matters involving complex issues, such as malpractice cases or “low impact collisions” Julio Sanchez regularly enlists the help of “of counsel” and certified trial attorneys for the trial.

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Real Estate

Most persons who seek the services of an attorney in a real estate matter are first time home buyers. The role of a real estate attorney is to provide clients with guidance, answer their questions and give them confidence in the transactional procedures.

Usually, the real estate client consults with the attorney after entering into a Contract for Sale which, under New Jersey law, is subject to a three day “review period”.  If the contract was prepared by a real estate broker, it is always advisable for the client to seek independent legal representation with an attorney of their own choosing.


Other services provided in the real estate field by my office are defenses to foreclosure, short sales, mortgage modification and discharge of mortgages.


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Matrimonial Law

Few cases can be as intense and contentious as matrimonial cases when the parties are unable to resolve the economic, familial and support controversies between them.


In those cases, the matrimonial court will decide the case if the litigants are unable to come to terms.


However, it is important for the parties to fully understand their legal rights at every stage of the proceedings. The counsel and guidance of an attorney is essential.


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Criminal Law


If you have been charged with a traffic offense, DWI, a Disorderly Person’s Offense or an indictable charge and need legal representation, you can call the office of Julio Sanchez for a confidential appointment.


Julio Sanchez was a former Elizabeth City Prosecutor.

He has tried to conclusion hundreds of cases.


As a private practice attorney, he has represented dozens of clients charged with DWI cases, traffic offenses, City Code violations and all disorderly person’s offenses.


Other matters tried to conclusion in Superior Court range from Drug cases and Second Degree Theft to Vehicular Homicide.  








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