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Criminal Cases

I began my practice as Municipal Prosecutor in the City of Elizabeth many years ago. I retired from that particular job after serving 6 years.
Subsequent to my retirement as City Prosecutor and after trying to conclusion hundreds of cases, I devoted myself to private practice entirely. As a private attorney, I have represented dozens of clients charged with DWI cases, traffic offenses, City Code violations and all disorderly person’s offenses, ranging from Shoplifting to Trespassing on private property.
I have also represented clients charged with more serious offenses in Superior Court and have tried many cases including drug possession, drug sales, theft (including 2nd degree thefts), Death by Auto (Vehicular Homicide) and others. While representing clients charged with those indictable offenses, I have also filed many bail motions –to request reduction of bail in federal and state courts- in furtherance of my duties and to adequately represent my clients.While every case is different, it is important for you to know that if you are not a Citizen, there can be adverse consequences to your immigration status if you are found be guilty of certain crimes.
I remind you that I am also an Immigration attorney and, if you are not a Citizen of the United States, I can alert you to the possible adverse consequences of a guilty plea or a finding of guilt by a Court. Although I am qualified to represent clients throughout the State of New Jersey I have voluntarily restricted my practice to Union, Somerset, Middlesex and Hudson counties to better serve my clientele.If you have been charged with a traffic offense, DWI, a Disorderly Person’s Offense or an indictable charge and need legal representation, call my office for an appointment.
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