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Civil Litigation

Court cases are divided in two broad areas: civil or criminal. Criminal Courts deal with violations of penal statutes while Civil Courts deal with all other non-criminal cases. Matrimonial, Chancery, Special Civil Part and Law Division matters are some examples of the broad range of civil jurisdiction. The term “civil litigation” encompasses representation in a civil case which may be either adversarial or uncontested.
An example of a “civil litigation” which is usually of an uncontested nature is the application for a name change. Conversely, if the case involves a lawsuit against a person or entity in which there is a dispute , the action is regarded as contested. Examples of contested cases are suits to recover damages (i,e traffic accident cases), divorce proceedings (if there is opposition by the Defendant) and Landlord-Tenant cases were the tenant opposes the eviction, just to name a few.
Throughout my years in practice I have handled more cases that I can remember in all facets of the civil spectrum. I have tried to conclusion both jury and non-jury cases and have represented clients before many federal and state agencies. I have represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in foreclosure proceedings in the Chancery Division, Landlords and Tenants in eviction matters in the Law Division and Divorce litigants in the Family Court. I have submitted dozens of name changes, expungement applications, adoptions, Orders to Show Cause, and complaints of all types, from traffic cases to dog bites, from falldowns to commercial litigation. I have been the attorney for Petitioners in Worker Compensation matters and I have represented employers as well.
I have fought for student rights against school boards action to expulse them. I have been present in administrative hearings in Trenton to oppose driver license revocations. I have previously represented clients in NACARA , LIFE, Asylum and Adjustment cases before the USCIS. I have tried to conclusion both jury and non-jury cases.I have appealed dozens of Social Security cases before the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, the Appeals Council and the Federal Courts. I have taken appeals to the U.S. Third Circuit. I have handled hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases before the United States Bankruptcy Court.In essence, I have been exposed to virtually all types of legal proceedings in the representation of my clients. If you have a civil case, I will offer you my experience towards the resolution of your problem.
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